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MAY 31 & JUNE 1, 2019



a.pass BRUSSELS @ Hacktiris artist studios (6th floor) - Rue Paul Devauxstraat 5, 1000 Brussels

Virtual Body Institution is the coming together of the 3 concepts that intertwine in the End-Communications of Katinka Van Gorkum, Nassia Fourtouni and Goda Palekaitė. Their practices are very distinct from each other, in form as in content though they all engage with forms of sociability that enhance, propose and reveal the relation of the individual with the societal. Tackling this position from discursive, technological or body practices they invite the visitor to engage in thinking and embody modes of construction of the self. Through their current practices of research and exposure – that use the personification of historical characters in a public discussion, the entrance into virtual space as a extension of the ‘real’ and the body as a perception machine – we encounter some of the contexts and mechanisms we inhabit in current western society. Their proposals are not complementary but do co-habit through this event beyond agreement or disagreement by creating an area (spatial and experiential) of a temporary common.

The work of Katinka Van Gorkum, Nassia Fourtouni and Goda Palekaitė enacts research modes of activating and empowering the self as active part of larger technological concepts. One becomes aware through their piercing practices of the narratives that surround the institutional, the body and the virtual. They softly enable criticality in the moment of exposure by engineering transdisciplinary processes that fundamentally question what  we are made of and how do we relate to it. All researchers work with performance and with the performativity of the event as a field of exploration that deconstructs the world as a given. The making public of these concerns in a transdisciplinary manner, mainly want to politicize the individual as being an actant in the public sphere enacted by the event itself. The participatory is here seen as the moment of inquiry, experiencing and sharing that crosses through the individual to the communal and vice-versa in enabling the non expertise as potential for critical presence. Are questions related to the self, isolated from the other? Is the self alienated from the communal, the historical, the technological, from the body?  How do we practice the spilling of our personal concerns into societal concerns? Where and how do we politicise our practices? Where do we meet? Are we here yet?


Golden Stage Cross 2019

Goda Palekaitė was awarded The Golden Stage Cross for Best Scenography for two theatre performances, The Door (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, directed by Jo Stromgren, 2018) and The Perfect Match (Šiauliai Drama Theatre, directed by Paulius Ignatavičius, 2018). The Golden Stage Cross is the highest Lithuanian theatre award. Palekaitė’s work had been shortlisted for it twice before (2010 and 2017).


JANUARY 17 - FEBRUARY 25, 2019


Exhibition by Goda Palekaitė & Elinora Schwartz

Art Cube Artists' Studios / Artist Wall

Curated by Leah Abir

This exhibition displays the video work "Elinora's Dream", which was made during Palekaitė's stay in Jerusalem, in partnership with the artist Elinora Schwartz (b. 1960, Israel). It is a part of "Legal Implications of a Dream" – a performative exhibition whose various parts were displayed during December and Januray at ArtCube Artists' Studios in Jerusalem and RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv.

In the framework of the "Legal Implications of a Dream" Palekaitė's real and imaginary journeys led her in various paths to different myths and communities, among them the multicultural Caucasus area, the Lithuanian Karaite culture and its origins, and the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem. The video work displayed here was created together with artist Elinora Schwartz, who is a member of the latter community, and whose artistic practice works parallel and in relation to this affiliation. In this work, Schwartz is seen recounting several dreams, which reveal different tales and accounts: match-making, marriage, child abuse, and sexual coercion of women. Video clips are projected over Schwartz's sleep-talking body – clips that the two artists shot in various communal spaces in the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

More about the exhibition

Photo by Lena Gaumont

DECEMBER 20, 2018 - JANUARY 26, 2019


Solo exhibition

RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv

Curated by Leah Abir

Goda Palekaitė’s first solo show in Israel is organized by RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv in collaboration with Art Cube Artists' Studios in Jerusalem. The exhibition, in both of its locations, originates from the artist’s long-term research into the history and mythology of the Khazars, a mysterious medieval culture that once existed between the Caspian and the Black Seas. This ongoing research included a trip to the Caucasus area, as well as a recent visit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, during which the artist met with researchers, historians and legal experts. Inspired by Milorad Pavić's novel Dictionary of The Khazars (1984), which portrays the Khazars as a nation of “dreamhunters,” Palekaitė’s research explores the distinct local meanings of the subject and its historical and contemporary manifestations. In this framework, the two cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv function, both physically and metaphorically, as two focal points, and the final project includes several collaborations with local video and sound artists. In the exhibition at RawArt Gallery, Palekaitė presents sculptures, installations, video, sound works and performance, accompanied by ethnographical objects and documents.

This performative exhibition follows the path of the potential political power or agency of dreams. Palekaitė is interested in the role of collective imagination, in processes of legitimization of state and religious powers, and in the mechanisms used to construct and destroy history. She applies speculation and forgery as her central methods, creating a shared space for dream life and factual information.

About Legal Implications of a Dream


NOVEMBER 30, 2018 - JANUARY 13, 2019


Texts, installation and performance by Goda Palekaitė

JCDecaux prize exhibition 2018: DIGNITY, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

Curated by Monika Kalinauskaitė and Adomas Narkevičius

Commenting on the collaboration between the Contemporary Art Center and the world’s largest advertising company, Goda Palekaitė decided to establish an anarchist committee composed out of all the people involved in the exhibition making process: company’s employees, CAC workers, curators, designers and involved artists. In the committee meetings the group discusses such notions as labor, state, hierarchy, direct democracy, capitalism and freedom, and seeks to promote and advertise anarchist ideas in Lithuanian society.


OCTOBER 12, 2018


We are in the crisis of democracy. Raising xenophobic nationalism, populist politicians, irresponsible media, outbreaks of violence, anti-immigrant agitation – the signs of democratic regression are well known. Some warn that democratic dominance has ended for good. All agree that we are in a crisis of political ideas. The society of tomorrow will require intellectual and political architecture that does not yet exist. Can old ideas that were misread and mistreated throughout history open something in the contemporary society and inspire new intellectual and political thought needed so badly? Today, we can think of anarchism as an inspiring archeological artifact worth exposing.

Writing & directing & scenography - Goda Palekaitė

Bakunin - Stefano A. Moretti

Sound & Engineering - Adomas Palekas

Curating & Photography - Alicja Khatchikian

International Vilnius Theatre Festival Sirenos club at the Empty Brain Resort, October 12, 19:00.



Theatre performance by Goda Palekaitė


Mikhail Aleksandrovič Bakunin (1814-1876) was the most influential Russian anarchist who extensively criticized monarchy and religion as well as Karl Marx and raising communism. Bakunin’s critique was his life: he left Russia to study philosophy in Germany but never came back as a free person. He traveled through most of European countries giving speeches and initiating revolts. Every state he came to prosecuted him. He was given two life sentences in prison and sent to jail in Russia where he spent 5 years where he lost all his teeth from scurvy. Nevertheless, he managed to escape through Siberian rivers to Japan and USA, and finally came back to Europe to continue his deeds. This history and Bakunin as a figure has been systematically erased from all official historical discourses for almost 200 years. Despite the worldwide influence of classical anarchist proposal, states successfully demonize and stigmatize it.

Theatre performance, written and directed by Goda Palekaitė premiered at The Swamp Pavilion, Venice Biennial, and at an independent artist-run space Laboratorio Artistico Pietra in Turin.

Co-produced by Schizma (LT) and Quiet Propaganda Studio (IT). 

Visit Bakunin

Visit Quiet Propaganda

Visit The Swamp Pavilion

Visit Laboratorio Artistico Pietra


APRIL 2018


In preparation for the upcoming solo exhibition and performance in Israel, Palekaitė travels to meet, explore, record and situate her work in the complex historico-political environment. Her show LEGAL IMPLICATIONS OF A DREAM planned for December 2018 and curated by Leah Abir inspects the relationship between forged history, law and dreams, and takes place at the RawArt gallery in Tel Aviv and Art Cube Artists' Studios in Jerusalem. 

RawArt gallery

Art Cube Artists' Studios

Travel supported by Lithuanian Culture Institute





Site-specific theatre performance based on Maria Irene Fornes' MUD, situated in an abandoned Soviet school in Šiauliai (LT). 

Directing: Goda Palekaitė, Aaron Kahn

Scenography and costumes: Goda Palekaitė

Sound: Gintautas Gascevičius

Light: Julius Kuršys

With: Aidas Matutis, Monika Šaltytė, Antanas Venckus

Photography: Alicja Khatchikian, Saulius Jankauskas

Co-produced by Rather Than Happiness and State Drama Theatre of Šiauliai



JUNE 22 - AUGUST 20, 2017


Group show on writing and rewriting history

Curated by Monika Lipšic

New visual work and performance is presented at the Calvert 22 gallery in London. The piece manifests first outcomes of the KHAZARIAN expedition (conducted in May 2017 by G. Palekaitė, Aaron Kahn and M. Lipšic), and ongoing research.

baseinas pilnas.jpg

MARCH 27, 2017 / International Theatre Day

THE GOLDEN STAGE CROSS (Lithuanian National Theater Award)

Palekaitė has been nominated for 'Best Scenography' for Europeans (Europiečiai). It is the second time she has been nominated for this award.

Europiečiai at Vilniaus Mažasis Teatras