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Goda Palekaitė is a visual and theatre artist working across the fields of scenography, costume design, drawing, writing and directing. She is also an anthropologist conducting fieldwork on perception of space, construction of history, theatre and contemporary art. Merging artistic and ethnographic practices and overlapping established categories she brings critical thinking to the center of attention. The outcomes of her projects result in visual artworks, performances and publications. Goda is currently based in Vilnius (LT) and Brussels (BE).





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Selected works:

2018 Scenography for M. Crimp's In the Republic of Happiness (Laimės Respublikoje), director Mantas Jančiauskas, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Vilnius

2018 Ethnographic research in Israel: constructions of history and identity, religious law vs. state law

2018/19 Artistic research at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) research institute in Brussels

2018 Establishment of the not-for-profit company Schizma. This Vilnius-based initiative exists for the development of international artistic research and performing arts projects in Vilnius and abroad 

2017 Directing (in collaboration with Aaron Kahn), scenography and costumes for M. I. Fornes’ Mud (Dumblas), a site-specific theatre performance in an abandoned school, Šiauliai Drama Theatre

2017 Visual work and directing of the performance Khazar Mythology in a group exhibition The Future is Certain,It’s the Past which is Unpredictable (under the collective named Rather Than Happiness), curated by Monika Lipšic, Calvert 22 Foundation, London

2017 Ethnographic research in the Caucasus (Russia and Georgia): constructions of history and identity, lost Khazaria

2017 Directing of Conversation on the Roof of Chungking Mansions in a techno-theatrical reading, Autarkia, Vilnius

2017 Publication of first theatre play Conversation on the Roof of Chungking Mansions based on the audio-visual and ethnographic research in Hong Kong, published in Alicja's Khatchikian book Father Than I Thought by the Quiet Propaganda studio, Turin

2017 Nomination 'Best Scenography' for The Golden Stage Cross (Lithuanian National Theater Award) for Europeans (Europiečiai)

2017 Scenography for P. Highsmith‘s The Talented Mr.Ripley, director Thomas Birkmeir, The Austrian National Youth Theatre (Theater der Jugend), Vienna 

2016 Scenography and costumes for Europeans (Europiečiai) based on Aeschylus' The Suppliants and other texts, director Paulius Ignatavičius, Vilniaus Mažasis Teatras         

2016 Ethnographic research in Hong Kong: capitalism and authenticity

2016 Scenography for W. Herrndorf‘s Tschick, director Thomas Birkmeir, The Austrian National Youth Theatre (Theater der Jugend), Vienna

2015 Monography Conditions of Creativity: Ethnographic research among young
contemporary artists in Vilnius
, published by Akademikerverlag, Germany

2015 Scenography and costumes for Eugene O’Neill‘s Desire Under The Elms (Meilė po guobomis), director Paulius Ignatavičius, Šiauliai Drama Theatre

2015 Ethnographic research in Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia: theatre anthropology

2015 Scenographic drawings for H. Müller's Hamletmachine exhibited in the international Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ), Prague

2014 Publication The Non-Existent That Never Was: The Inconsistency of the Contemporary San-Space in Namibia, academic journal Lithuanian Ethnology 14[23]

2014 Ethnographic research in Vilnius and curatorial work on MINEO art festival: anthropology of space and contemporary art

2014 Ethnographic research among Ju/’Hoansi-San in Namibia: anthropology of space

2012 Research assistant in the Center for Social Anthropology, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas

2010 Author and performer in the exhibition Waiting Spaces curated by the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2010 Nomination 'Best Scenography and Costumes' for The Golden Stage Cross (Lithuanian National Theater Award) for The Fight (Kova)

2009 Scenography and costumes for The Fight (Kova) based on F. Kafka’s novels, director Paulius Ignatavičius, Šiauliai Drama Theater

2008 New Opera Action (NOA) festival: scenography and costumes (in collaboration with Marija Pauipaitė) for a short opera Crane and Stork by Jonas Sakalauskas, Vilnius Puppet Theater

Education: 2011 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, BFA in Scenography | 2015 University of Vienna, Cultural and Social Anthropology, international CREOLE program, MA degree | 2019 A.pass Brussels, Post Master Degree in Artistic Research 

Born in 1987 in Vilnius